95+ Hour Lactation Training & IBCLC Preparation Course

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  • What is the Enrollment Fee?

    Regular enrollment is $999 USD for Category A Countries, $499 USD for Category B Countries, $299 USD for Category C & $99 USD for Category D Countries.

    Category B, C & D will need to contact info@lactationacademy.com in order to submit proof of residence and receive their combined country discount + introductory discount promo code.

    Proof of residency is required for Country Category discounts. Please submit the following 2 items:

    1. Identification including name and address (hide sensitive information like identification number)
    2. A copy of a Utility Bill, Phone Bill etc. that includes your name and address.

    Send to info@lactationacademy.com. All documentation will be deleted upon review.

  • Is there any group discount available?

    Yes, discounted pricing available for groups of 5 or more members.

  • How much time do I have?

    You will have 1 year from the date of enrollment to complete the course.

  • What if I run out of time?

    You can get an extension with an added fee.

  • Do I need to do a test?

    Yes, you have to take a quiz & submit an evaluation survey for accreditation.

  • Can I watch a lesson more than once?

    Yes! You have access to rewatch all recordings for the duration of your program.

  • Can multiple people enroll for the course under one enrollment?


  • How do I update my email address?

    Please contact us at info@lactationacademy.com Where can I get a receipt? Receipts will be available to be printed once you enroll in this program and it is also available in your account. Additionally, you will receive email correspondence with a receipt indicating the total cost of enrollment and the amount paid.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Refund is available within 48 hours of enrollment only if the contents of the program are not accessed.

  • Is there financial assistance for this course?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer financial assistance however be sure to look for opportunities for reduced enrollment via group sign-ups, contests and our scholarships. Feel free to reach out to info@lactationacademy.com to find out about any active opportunities

Accreditation/Continuing Education Hours

  • Which continuing education hours will be offered?

    CERP and Nurse contact hours are approved for this program.

  • Is the program accredited?

    Yes, CERP and Nurse contact hours are approved for this program.

  • How do I enroll?

    Please click on this link to enroll in this program.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    No, there are no prerequisites for this program.

Technology / Access

  • Can I download the presentations to watch later?

    No, you cannot download the lessons. However, you can watch the recordings on any device at any time within the duration of the program.

  • What software do I need to watch presentations?

    Please find below, the system requirements to access the program

  • Can I watch the presentation on a Tablet or other mobile device? Yes Something's wrong! What do I do?


  • Something's wrong! What should I do?

    Please contact us at

Course Details

  • Where can I find the course goals and objectives?

    Please click on this link to find the course goals and objectives

  • Who is teaching this course?

    Please click on this link to know more about your faculty.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?/How long do I have to complete the course?

    1 Year from the date of enrollment.

  • Does this course contain everything I need to complete the course?

    No, you will need to purchase the following three textbooks:
    Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
    Counseling the Nursing Mother: A Lactation
    Consultant's Guide
    Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care

    Please contact us at info@lactationacademy.com to get a discount on these textbooks.

  • What are the instructional methods?

    All lectures are on pre-recorded videos in English with English closed captioning

  • Will I be able to access course components after I receive my certificate?

    Yes, you can access the course after you receive the certificates provided it’s within 1 year from the date of enrollment.

  • Will I be able to access course components after 12 months?

    No, you can only access course components within the duration of your program.

  • In what language is the course offered?

    Currently the course is offered in English with English subtitles

  • Will I be able to interact with instructors and students?

    Yes, there are Community discussion groups within the platforms per Module.

  • What are the successful completion requirements?

    Viewing all lessons and completing the lessons questionnaires.

  • Does GOLD Lactation Academy support the WHO Code?


  • Does the course use inclusive language?


Questions on Content

  • What should I do if I have questions related to the content?

    Please contact us at

  • How can I connect with other students to share ideas?

    You can connect via the Communities once you’re logged in or on our Facebook page here - https://www.facebook.com/GOLDLactationAcademy

How This Course Relates To Becoming An IBCLC

  • Does this course meet the requirement for 90 hours of lactation education to sit for the IBLCE Exam?


  • Does this course meet the requirements for the 5 Communication Hours?


  • Which pathways does this program apply to?

    The two pathways in which you can utilize the GOLD Lactation Academy 90-Hour Online Course are Pathway 1 and Pathway 3. Pathway 2 includes this type of instruction through the college or university program, so those following Pathway 2 would not require a program like GOLD Lactation Academy as part of their candidacy to sit for the IBLCE exam. If you have determined that you are a Pathway 1 or Pathway 3 candidate (and confirmed with IBLCE), your choice to enroll and complete the GOLD Lactation Academy 90-Hour Online Course will be an excellent first step in your process.

  • Will this course prepare me for the IBLCE exam?

    This course will be a strong part of exam preparation. However, you will still need to have all other requirements met before you can sit for the exam.

  • Does completion of this program mean I am a lactation consultant? An IBCLC?

    This program is not a certification course, but it will qualify for your mandatory lactation education hours. You will still need to complete the other requirements and pass the exam before you are certified as a lactation consultant

  • What are the different pathways to becoming an IBCLC?

    IBLCE offers 3 different pathways to becoming a lactation consultant. You may already have some training to help determine which pathway is right for you. Pathway 1 is for those who may be working in a clinical setting or breastfeeding support organizations. You can find more information about the recognized health professions here: https://iblce.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/recognised-health-professions.pdf

    Pathway 2 is through an academic program and Pathway 3 is for those individuals who do not work under the recognized health professionals and will be using a qualified mentor for clinical hours. You can learn more about the different pathways and find which pathway is right for you here: https://iblce.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Which-IBLCE-Pathway-is-Right-for-Me.pdf

    If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us via email at: info@lactationacademy.com

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